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AGE Smart
The AGE Smart system contains scientifically advanced ingredients proven to impact the major biochemical reactions that contribute to skin aging before they start, so your skin is left smoother, firmer and healthier. A Smart way to investment in your future skin.
Treat the multiple triggers behind inflammation for lasting relief from sensitivity flare-ups. The common thread behind irritation, flushing and stinging is inflammation. When paired with the loss of skin’s protective barrier, skin health is compromised and becomes highly reactive.
UltraCalming system contains a UltraCalming Complex, our exclusive complex clinically proven to control neurogenic and immunogenic inflammatory pathways that lead to skin sensitivity.
Clear Start
A system of serious products that utilize medicated ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results.Products for teens often contain harsh and inexpensive ingredients to strip the skin of oil, and are filled with artificial fragrances and colors – all things that can irritate and strip oil from skin, causing more problems than you started with!
Skin Trial Kits
This Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most. If you’re a first-time Dermalogica user, then prepare yourself for great skin. And, if you’re already hooked, these convenient travel sizes will bring professional skin care wherever you’re going today.

These are just a few Dermalogica lines. Come in and see which one works best for you.

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